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What is MedCartsPro?
We are a company engage in the cleaning, maintenance and relocation of medicine carts which are commonly found in Nursing Homes, Board and Care and other types of facilities.
What exactly do you do?
Medicine Carts that are being used in various care facilities like Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living facilities are generally subjected to daily wear and tear from broken tops, hanging drawers, locks that doesn’t work just to mention a few. Here is when we come in to restore order and functionality on those valuable equipments that cost thousands of dollars to acquire when brand new. As an added bonus we make those facilities in compliance with their respective regulators to keep their equipments in proper working order.
Are your services expensive?
Not at all considering the high cost of acquiring new carts every so often because of poor maintenance. Our cost is just a fraction to keep it in service for years to come.
Do you require a minimum number of carts to come and service our facility?
Absolutely not, because we have various pricing level that would fit your needs.
Who pays for your services?
Normally the pharmacy that owns the Med Carts are the one paying for our services as part of their customer service initiative.
What do I need to do to get started?
There are two ways, go back to the Home page of our website and click on Forms and select the Assessment form. Fill it up with as much information in order for us to give you an accurate determination of work that needs to be done. We will set up an appointment to make an assessment and the final estimate will be given.
How fast can you do it?
Every case is different depending on your needs and job ordered.
Do you use harsh chemicals on our carts?
We only use biodegradable, human friendly cleaning agents and use clinical grade surfactant wipes for our final touch.
What about parts if needed?
We can pre order the parts for you after the assessment or you can order them yourself prior to the start of the job. We do have small item parts that we can readily install if needed.
What is relocation?
Mainly transporting of Carts from one location to another whether from one facility to another or from facility to your storage or vice versa.